Palm (2019 Personal Exploration)

Uncomfortable Rituals

Chronic conditions often come with uncomfortable rituals such as pricking your finger or taking pills. I want to explore the emotion behind this. My goal was to mitigate inconvenience and give people’s autonomy back.

Blood Glucose Monitoring

The sharps container is a hypersonic welded piece that traps the used needles from the cartridge without the user interacting. This was a big part of making this design autonomous.


Over the course of the project I talked regularly with 5 users. People like Caroline gave me design priorities such as pocketability, a place to put sharps, and a focus on routine.

One Task, One Device

Palm is a blood glucose management device focused around pocketabiliy. This device is a combination of a lancet, glucometer, and a sharps container.

Step by Step

1. Insert Lance    2.Set Depth    3.Read Depth    4.Prick Finger    5.Test Strip Revealed   
6.Dispose within Device


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